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Oh mighty archival post~

Story/art blog~ Lots of unfinished/WIP nonsense. Beware: Faintly obscure fandoms and rubbish dreams ahoy.

Note: All original stories are friends-only. Fanfics and dream journaling are public.

NaNoWriMo 2008 - A great lot of bolloxing around to up my word count. Expect typos, weird grammar, and names that have no business being names.
Day: 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 17 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27
NaNoWriMo 2009 - More bollox and rot, cut short by the magic of mono. Humph.
Day: 1 | 2
NaNoWriMo 2010 - Around and around, the carousel goes.
Know Thy Blood, Boy of Corvid - Jalen, a wizard's nephew, learns his heritage. (In Progress)
Rabbit Skull - You will know death and decay. It will be an intimate friend one day.

The Heart of the Sea (Sleeps In Man) - Storms at sea dredge up strange things. (In progress)
Chapters: 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Father's Day - Not a holiday for the fatherless. (In progress)
Untitled - KM fill. Rorschach doesn't like animal abuse.
Like Morphine for the Heart - KM fill. Short hurt/comfort fic meant to take place immediately after the disposal of Grice.
Stand-in - KM fill. Due to injuries, Rorschach needs a temporary replacement. Lulzery ensues.
Grandfather - Word prompt. Two strangers are looking for Charlie, but they find each other instead.
Dog - Parenthood is easy. Like taking care of a dog. (WIP. Seriously, it's only like 2 paragraphs long)
Oh, the weather outside is frightful... - Two aborted Christmas fics from the WM Secret Santa (I drew a picture instead.) I still kinda liked em, might continue them someday.

**Doctor Who**
WHY HYPHENS IN NAMES ARE NOT GENERALLY APPROVED OF BY TIME LORDS - Why inside jokes should not not be allowed to run rampant through fanfics.
Chapters: 2
Keep Calm and Go Fish - Tumblr prompt about card games and crack.
Impala, Impala~ Wherefore art thou? - Tumblr prompt for SuperWhoLock drunkfic. AW YEAH.

**Ouran High School Host Club**
Tower - 100 Theme Challenge. Some narrative about Mori's protective nature.


I had a Vintillo dream the other night. :) But it wasn't nice, sad Vintillo, it was mean, a little scary Vintillo. This post is very long already though, and my dream was very long, and that would make my post even longer, so I'm not going to try. Maybe later. :) But I will say this; One guy did something Vinnie didn't like, so Vinnie broke his neck and drank his blood in front of a bunch of children, then threw the body at them. And he was gonna do the same to this other guy, but then he got a really evil looking smile on his face, petted the guy's cheek and said, "No, I think you'll be useful to us for awhile. Very useful." And then I woke up.
But GAWD! Vinie was so cool (if not slightly disturbed and scary)! And it was my first dream about Vintillo, so it's made me happy. :) I like dreaming about my vampires... ::still remembers the dream that inspired Antrim; when a vampire resembling IwaV movie's Armand took me to the circus::
I had dreams about a very angry boy and lots of broken glass that night. Spooky. I woke up and my hands were in pain.
Uh...Duo and Heero were at this weird ass ocean thing that was inside a courtyard of some buildings...And Duo got pissed off or something and threw this ring he had into the water (Apparently it belonged to this girl he once knew who, in my dream, represented Sister Helen.) Later he wanted it back, and dove into the water to find it, but it got all murky and for some reason he couldn't find his way back to the surface. Oo; He drowned, or nearly did, and both Heero and Trowa pulled him out of the water. Yay, he be saved! Isn't it so dramatic? Heero cried cause he though Duo was dead. :snerk::
I had bad dreams last night. I dropped my teddybear in a lake, and when I got him out again there were bugs in his head. I dreamt the my cat Cleo was back, and she came to snuggle up against me, but she was really cold. Just like the last time I touched her...

And there were Japanese hornets flying out of a pipe in this park, and they were all attacking me, stinging me all over. I was screaming for help, and the stings were putting me into convulsions, but the person standing there just watched.

And there was a dead girl in the lake. She had been killed by the same bugs that were in my bear. And I remember the I was calling for my 'Aunt Storm', but I could find her and she wouldn't come to help me.

Who's Aunt Storm? Oo;

And there was sooo much weird stuff going on.. I can't explain it all, but it was terrible.
I had a dream last night that my mother pushed me into a burning house

Dream Journal: Still more dreams from 2003

I've had nightmares that were dreams, and dreams that scared the hell out of me. I don't want to say it, I don't want to think it. I dreamed of death. I dreamed of someone dying, while I cried and told them how much I needed them, how good of a mother this person had always been to me.
I don't want to be dreaming these things.

I had a nightmare about the Sandman; Morpheus of the Dreaming was talking to his raven, Matthew, in the throne room. He wore black trimmed in gold, and his cape had a deep, bloody red on the inside. He and Matthew seemed to be lightly arguing about something; I can't remember. Dream held up his arm, pointing to the Raven. He spoke, but there was no sound.

I dreamed that in my house in Colorado, I was in the kitchen next to the sliding glass doors. I can remember everything I saw; It was sunny out, and it was the middle of summer. Everything was green and bright and as beautiful as I remember it. Like the way it was before we moved. My father -my *real* father- opened the glass doors and came inside. The basement stairs were like a black hole behind him, and I could see the stove behind him. The old stove. Which shouldn't have been there. There should have been a new stove, sitting across the kitchen to my right.
Mom was standing sort-of beside Bryce, and she was blocking the view of my bedroom door.
He hugged me, smiling, saying how glad he was to see me, how much he missed me, how he had been a terrible father.
I wanted him to let me go.
Then were were meeting him at the airport. DIA I think. I decided I didn't want to see him after all, and when he came off the plane with the crow of people, mom told him we were leaving. He wasn't my father, and he won't be now.
He didn't like that, and he chased us, screaming and yelling.

There was a cute boy -a very cute boy- who was entering a race. I was going to enter, but the beginning of it scared me, so I was going to back out. He smiled and said it wasn't to hard, and that once you got going it wasn't very scary at all. He said I should enter the race with him. I wanted to leave, but then we were in car and I didn't get out in time. We were already moving down a highway, going really fast, with other cars behind us.
The race seemed to change all the time, from driving to waterslides to sledding... But we came in third place, and when we got out of the car, we were both very happy to have come so close to winning. I liked the boy. He was smiling, really excited about coming in third, and hugged me tightly. Then I was trying to get home, and no one knew the way.

I dreamed I had wings- giant grey wings with black tips that were too heavy to hold up. My back hurt, but the wings were soft and the feathers felt cool as wind. They made me feel safe when I felt them on my skin.
A man had a gun, and was going to shoot me in the face...

Dream Journal: More old stuff from 2003

Had strange dreams during all this; the first one during the first time I fell asleep was about a strange old king; very insane or something. He and a young woman were being chased throughout his castle, my house, and some caves by these weird guys that looked like they were on the SWAT team. I dunno. This king guy had a lot of funky inventions, too. Just funky. And um, I dunno. I woke up because he went into this house and heard footsteps, and though he was about to be caught. For some reason I woke up scared as hell from it. Goosebumps and shivers and paranoid delusions that someone was standing behind me.

Second dream, during the second time I fell asleep I had a dream that Dream sent his raven Matthew to follow me around in my dreams. Like, it began with this dream about I-don't-know-what, where this big black bird was there doing I-don't-know-what. And that's how it was supposed to be, y'know? But it led into another dream, a different one, and the raven was still there, but I knew it wasn't supposed to be. It went on like that for a while. Somewhere in the middle I found out that it was Matthew, and the Dream had sent him to watch me, for...I dunno what reason. Then somewhere near the end Matthew and Able were talking about something or other...More I dunnos there. It was just...funky. Funky funky.
And I loved it. :)

Dream Journal: Some older stuff from 2003

I had some weird dreams earlier that just...had me baffled. In one, I was eating my artwork. ::blink:: It was made of this weird, crisp something that I kept nibbling at... And I remember that I kept asking people if eating my artwork was a good idea, because they were the originals and if I ate them I wouldn't have them ever again. Oo; But I forget to what point and purpose I was eating them for in the first place.
Then I had a dream that Maggie and I were out in the middle of the ocean in this little yello rubber raft thing, and we were...like, stranded, but not. We were going somewhere, and I kept asking how long we had to get there and if we had enough food and water left. Maggie kept saying we had about four days and would I please just shut up already and eat the lunch she was cooking. The water was really really blue there, and at one point we were talking about how it was hard to comprehend that water that looked so clear and good could taste so horribly salty. Like a sick joke that was hard to get or something. Oo; And there was this weird cliff made of plaster with shelves on it that she and I climbed up on to eat our lunch. ::blink:: Peppy was on the shelves for some reason.
Then I had another dream where Maggie was asking her roommate Raychel to look up this weird plant for us (I guess it was what we were out looking for). So the internet pulls up this commercial for a movie about a spooky purple plant that kills people, gets under their skin and makes them walk around and do shit, and then uses them as fertilizer... It was...weird. (How many weirds is that now?)
I also had a dream about people dying, but I forget how, who, or why. I do know that it was influenced by the beginning of Ghost Ship and from me reading Exquisite Corpse before I went to bed. :\
Series: SuperWhoLock
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Impala Winchester, Jim Moriarty, some Daleks
Pairings: - Dean/Impala
Rating: WTF
Summary: Tumblr prompt! Also, DICKFACE!
Warnings: This is carack, i’ve been drinking wine, no I will not revise this shit. i writes it expecially for sconesandtexting. beacuse. whatever happeneds, I ain’t even sorry.

The prompt: Superwholock! The Daleks have teamed up with Moriarty and stolen the Impala… And just go from there. XD

These guys are assbutts.Collapse )

Dream Journal: Food supply

There's a guy in this dream; very average dude, nothing special. He finds a tiny, broken...bird thing...on his porch. At least, it LOOKS kind of like a baby bird. It's all the wrong colors though, and its eyes are too big for its head. The thing is injured badly and the guy assumes it's going to die. He kisses in (out of sympathy, I guess?) and a bit of blood gets on his lips. He licks it off without realizing it was there. Guy puts the bird thing somewhere safe so it can die in peace.
A bit later the top of the guy's head starts to hurt, and after a couple days there's a sort of....bud? growing out of the top of his head. There's also a pink and green cocoon forming on one of the low beams in the guy's house (though he apparently can't see it)
One day he walks beneath the cocoon, and it and the bud touch one another. Apparently this starts a chemical reaction in his body, somehow. The bud withers and falls off, and then over the next few months the guy starts changing. Umm... I kind of forget the order it happened in... But he got really achy, and his body started swelling up (essentially he looked like a fat guy), and his skin started turning translucent, and then got a bluish-purple tint. Also apparently he was retaining weird fluids? So guy goes to the doctor to get checked out~ The doctors can't understand what's wrong with him, no matter how many tests they run. They keep him in the hospital FOREVER, blah blah. Also, the fluid the guy is retaining is apparently his own liquefied muscle and organs (yet he's alive?), which is a sort of blue color (and reeks.)
After months of being in the hospital, getting tested, and having no one know what's wrong with him, the guy gives up and just goes home. He figures that he's just going to have to live like this for the rest of his life. Unfortunate, but at this point he's just like 'meh'.
When he gets home there's a weird girl in his house. She's got green hair and weird pink skin, and just kind of looks wacky. The girl takes the guy's hand in hers, and suddenly he's feeling a little bit less pain, and looking a little bit less blue.

Apparently the bird he found at the beginning was the 'migration form' of an alien. When the guy got its blood in his mouth, it triggered a DNA imprint kind of thing, which made the alien go into an 'incubation form' and turn into a cocoon. The bud on the guy's head was like a receptor, I guess? Or something... anyway, when the two touched, the bud received information that told the guy's body to go into 'nurture mode', and the cocoon received information that told it that it had a food source, and that it needed to start hatching. Or whatever.
SO. Basically what was happening was that the guy was turning into a nutrient supply while the alien was maturing.
BUT APPARENTLY, alien girl could just kind of absorb her food from the guy by touching him, and if she ate enough then the guy would go back to looking normal. She could kill him that way, of course... But I think at the end of the dream, they both agreed to stay together, and he would continue to be her food source, while she would help keep him normal looking (without eating him to death)

WACKY. but worth writing down, I think

Dream Journal: Wellspring

Dream this morning (and thank the lordy I'm starting to remember these things more often)~
Mushishi themed today! YAY.

So, Adashino and a few villagers have gone out into this bamboo forest, looking for an unnamed SOMETHING. Everyone is digging around the the bushes and under rocks and shit, and then Ginko shows up. Just as he arrives on the scene, Adashino happens to pull aside this pile of shrubbery and gravel, which uncovers an open kouki wellspring. So Ginko comes over to check it out, and suddenly, instead of spilling kouki out into the forest, the wellspring starts drawing things into it, like some kinda dry-land whirlpool.
Ginko makes Adashino back off, but gets pulled in himself, because mushi fuckin love to eat Ginko.
Anyway, the wellspring essentially deposits Ginko into this 'alternate dimension' type thing, where time moves a lot faster than normal. So from Ginko's perspective, he's trapped for YEARS AND FUCKING YEARS. He gets older, and ragged, and thin, and essentially looks like he's been in some kind of warzone.
Meanwhile, Adashino and the others somehow find a way to reverse the wellspring, and it spits Ginko back out. When Adashino goes over to examine the unconscious Ginko (why is he unconscious? I dunno.) he's shocked to find that the dude's all scraggly and like, 40-something years old. As opposed to late 20's early 30's? I have no idea.

So...yeah. That was the dream. No ending what-so-ever. Just Adashino going "WTF JUST HAPPENED?"
Because in his timeline, the whole thing only took about 10 minutes.

Keep Calm and Go Fish

Series: Doctor Who
Characters: The Master, a Weeping Angel, a Dalek, Prisoner Zero, The Doctor
Pairings: - N/A
Summary: Tumblr prompt~! A game of Go Fish, and some smack-talk, and just general WTFery
Warnings: I apparently can't write anything for Doctor Who without making it CRACK

The prompt was: The villians of Doctor Who playing a card game(poker, go fish, old main, ect.) complaining about the Doctor and how he continually thwarts their plans... Maybe have whichever Doctor you want show up at the end and crash the party? Try and keep it silly?